Off-Highway Transmissions

AVTEC has been a force to reckon with in Off-Highway market with its wide range of Transmissions for customers in various segments like:

Material Handling






Airport Ground Support


AVTEC’s world class facility at Hosur, Tamil Nadu manufactures Power shift & Automatic Transmissions for Off-Highway applications. The plant follows cellular manufacturing concept, which is well suited to take care of the entire product mix and support faster response.

R & D  Capabilities

R & D Capabilities

  • AVTEC’s core strength lies in technology development and absorption Seamless integration of product design, prototype building, testing and validation
  • In-house transmission testing facilities, emission test beds for pre production stage evaluation
  • Output simulation for expected results
  • Latest software tools like UG, Kiss-soft, AVL Boost, Romax, Nastran, Ansys


  • Our strength lies in PDC (Parts Distribution Centre)
  • Capable of reaching our customer located in any part of the Operating segment through its Dealer Network and Forwarding agents
  • Order Registration & acknowledgment within 24 hours
  • Follows international standards of packing
  • First Pick availability is maintained at 95% at any given time which helps in fast response through its 819 sq. meters facility
  • To ensure Fast Delivery to our Customer we maintain 0.82 million USD war chest of Spares at any given time
  • Each part carries AVTEC laser marking for Identification & Traceability.

CRT 5633

CRT 5633

CRT 5633 is a unique transmission with 3 forward and 3 reverse gears. This transmission is very popular in applications where large amounts of torque multiplication is required out of a small package. We offer flexibility of mounting direct and remote mount. We also offer the transmission with drop and inline output to suite the vehicle requirement. The gear shift mechanism has a flexibility of mechanical/electrical shift with engine driven PTO option.

Net Input Power: 430 hp (320kW)
Net Input Torque: 900 lbft (1220 Nm)
Input speed (max) : 2500 rpm

T(R)T Series

T(R)T Series

TT/TRT 2000 series is a twin turbine transmission with high stall Torque ratio available with option for output disconnect. Short and Long drop output options are also available to suit various vehicle configurations. There is flexibility of mounting direct and remote. It has an automatic phase change mechanism with option of engine driven PTO option.

Net Input Power: 175 hp (130kW)
Net Input Torque: 310 lbft (420 Nm)
Speeds(Twin turbine) : 4F/2R,2F/2R,4F/4R
Input speed (max) : 3000 rpm



CT 100 transmission is the most popular model in material handling segment with equal forward and reverse gear range. Manual hydraulic shift and manual electric shift is available with engine driven PTO option.

Net Input Power: 100 hp (74.5 kW)
Net Input Torque: 221 lbft (300 Nm)
Input Speed (max): 2500 RPM
Speeds: 23F/3R , 2F/2R

Concrete Mixer Drum Drive Gearbox


Gearbox Type : Application Gearbox
Application : Transit mixer Vehicle
Gear Ratio : 131.25, 127.6
Max Output Torque : 50,000Nm, 70000Nm
Oil Grade : SAE 85W140
Max Output Speed : 20 rpm
Operating Temperature : -15 to 120 °C

AT 100

AT 100

AT 100 transmission comes with 4F &3R configuration, which can be used in vehicle with 4 Wheel Drive & 2 Wheel Drive options. It has provision to engage the axle differential lock with wet clutch arrangement, with inline engine driven PTO option and an Electric shift mechanism.

Net Input Power: 98.75 hp (73.5kW)
Net Input Torque: 310 lbft (400 Nm)
Input speed (max) : 2300 rpm

ATC 3000 Transfer Case

Metro Gearbox

The ATC 3000 transfer case combines on-road and off road handling of a rear-wheel drive with all-terrain capability. It automatically delivers precise amount of torque needed to the front and/or rear axle. ATC 3000 improves vehicle dynamics by increasing stability and enhancing driver comfort, whether driving off-road or on-road, and in normal or difficult weather conditions.

Input Torque (Maximum) : 10000 Nm
Input Power : 600 hp
Input Speed (Maximum) : 3000 RPM
Speeds : Two
Shafts : Two
Ratio On Road / Off Road : 1:1 and 2.5 :1
Rotation : Bidirectional
Input – Output Drop : 215 MM
Output location : Lower Front / Rear

Splitter Gear Box - ASG 150

Splitter Gearboxes

Splitter gearboxes are ideal for fitting in diesel engines in order to power 3 PTO. The gearboxes are available in versions for 1-3 pumps and with a number of different ratios enabling the right speed to be obtained for all PTO. Customized design can be made for suiting various applications.

Net Input Power: 150 hp (111.85 kW)
Net Input Torque: 265.5 lbft (360 Nm)
Input Speed (max): 3000 rpm
Ratios: PTO 1= 1.06:1 , PTO 2= 1.06 :1 , PTO 3=1.00 :2.8

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