Our Pride, Our R&D

  • A centralized R&D center at Hosur and Design & Development facility at both Hosur and Pithampur
  • Core Strength: Technology development, application engineering & seamless integration of product design
  • Prototype building, testing & validation to produce products that perform in the harshest and most demanding mining and construction sites.
  • Acquisition of ASSAG, pioneer in face gear technology, has significantly enhanced R&D capabilities
  • Electronics control “HATS” for the existing transmission allowing us to offer completely automatic transmissions
  • DSIR approved R&D centres

Design & Engineering Expertise

AVTEC’s success is attributable to a strong focus on in-house research and product development capabilities.
AVTEC has a centralized tech center at Hosur; development facilities at both Hosur and Pithampur along with a design house in Switzerland.
Both Indian centers were built to upgrade the current product range and design new products for a growing range of applications.

AVTEC’s core strength lies in technology absorption, seamless integration of product design, prototype building, testing and validation. The company offers a full range of solutions for Powertrains ( i.e., engine and transmission systems) and components – from product concept, design , prototyping , testing , validation and manufacturing. AVTEC’s Swiss subsidiary ASSAG, is a leading enterprise in drive system and face gear technology. ASSAG is known for its innovative solution in the field of face gear differential drives, high precision gears and is pioneer in face gear technology with several patents to its credit.

Design & Engineering Expertise

Specialised Applications and Expertise

Design & Analysis Softwares


UG NX Mach1
Mach3 Industrial design
Design Automation
2D drafting & drawing and
3D Modeling

Reducing design cycle time


Mach3 Advanced Simulation
Static & dynamic analyses Linear/ Non linear analysis

Gear train

Gear Design

Gear Box

System Analysis, micro geometry gear contact analysis optimization of transmission

Manufacturing Quality

AVTEC firmly believes in a culture of continuous improvement & evolution as it’s prime growth drivers. With an aim to do the things right, “first time–every time” and keeping pace with the rising & shifting Customer requirement, Company has swiftly adapted to Lean Manufacturing, TPM, MOST tools to enhance it’s Manufacturing capabilities. Quality of design and Quality of Conformance being the fundamental principles driving manufacturing processes to deliver reliable products.

With a strong emphasis on employee involvement to sustain Quality, company engages renowned world-class consultants to train it’s human resources to enhance their skills and focus on in Process validations / controls for Quality outputs. All manufacturing facilities are TS 16949 certified for Quality Management Systems by DQS. The company has also received a Quality Excellence Status award from Caterpillar, and the Q1 Quality Status award from Ford India. AVTEC also has a product validation facility. Our quality agenda is bolstered by global technical partnerships and business collaborations forged with OEMs such as Peugeot Citroen Moteurs, Caterpillar and Daimler.

Manufacturing Quality

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment Processes

Sealed Quench furnace with CQI 9 for Case carburizing & carbo-nitriding
Gas Nitriding Furnace – Horizontal & Pit type
Induction Hardening M/C & Plug Quench

Allied Equipment: Shot blasting, shot peening, tumbling

Key Processes

Stress Relieving
Hardening & Tempering
Case Hardening- Case Depth:0.5-2mm
Carbo - Nitriding- 0.4mm-0.7mm
Carbo-Annealing -1mm-2mm
Gas Nitriding- Case Depth:0.2-0.45mm
Induction Hardening-Shafts Case Depth: up to 4mm
Plug Quench of slender components (Hardening)
De-Scaling (Tumbling) & De-Burring of clutch plates & Pump Gears

Heat  Treatment
Inspection  Facilities

Inspection Facilities


CMM- Carl Zeiss, Brown Sharpe & LK
Gear Involute Tester- Klingelnberg & Wenzel
Surface Analyzer- Kosaka
Portable Surface Analyzer- Mitutoyo
Cam Profile Tester- Trimos
Roundness Tester – Taylor Hobson


Microscope with Image Analyzer- Carl Zeiss
Universal Testing Machine- 1& 16 Tons
Rockwell & Rockwell Twin Hardness Tester
Macro & Micro Vickers
Millipore Washing & Filtration Kit
Residual Stress analyzer
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Clean Room Setup

Lean & Quality Certification Milestones

iso 9000 / mse
qs 9000
iso 4000
ts 16949
Six Sigma
sqep cipl Silver Certification
TPM journey

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